Roofing and guttering: How worse can it get?

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Do you ever wonder how a mere issue related to roofing or guttering within your household can affect the life of your property? If you live in Victoria, you understand the abrupt weather events that occur now and then. Few of the most common issues faced by Melbourne residents are excessive rainfall and high wind speeds. The damage to rooftop and gutters can be caused due to high-intensity rainfall and winds, close proximity to bush fires and even bird nests. For such a city and surrounding regions with unpredictable and highly varying climate, engineers highly recommend versatile roofing and guttering be installed in order to prevent any damage to the other elements of a building such as ceiling, walls and even furniture. If you have been putting off your roof repair and neglecting its regular maintenance, it may be a high time to get it inspected because the results of such negligence could lead to further damage to your property and would cost you even more money and time. Possible short and long-term effects posed by unmaintained roofs and gutters:

  • Leaky roofs posing high risk to ceilings, walls, floor and furniture
  • Growth of mold and thereby risk of infections to the occupants
  • Rusting leading to unsightly appearance and posing risk to breakdown
  • Chances of paying higher electricity bills due to effects on building insulation
  • Possibility of pest and reptile infestation
  • Rotting of timber and other building components in the vicinity of leaking components
  • Decrease in property value as the buyers would be repelled by such issues
  • Increase in repair costs

Thus, we at CPR Gutter Protection provide quality roofing and Gutter Guard Protection service in Melbourne and surrounding areas to suit all budgets. We provide our customers 20 years of product warranty with installation services by fully-trained and insured installers. Our fire retarded products conform to AS3959-2009 standard and thus ensure high fire protection specially designed for bush fire prone areas. Get a free measure and quote today! Call us at 0431 239 512 to book an appointment as per your convenience.

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