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Measuring your roof and selecting colours

Before you order the mesh needed for your job, it’s important that you have the correct measurements of the gutters you are wanting to install on, as well as checking the colours of your roof and gutters to ensure the mesh, trims, and saddles (when necessary) match correctly.

Here are some tips

If you are unsure of the colour you need to match your roof and gutters, you can print off the Colorbond colour chart here or for a more exact match visit your local hardware / building supply store to pick-up a Colorbond colour swatch from them.

When measuring it is important to add 250-500mm to each gutter-length measurement as overlap may be necessary and also to give yourself a bit of room for errors when cutting down the mesh.

We suggest to measure each gutter length from the ground. If measuring from the roof take extreme caution.

If measuring the valley's try to measure from a ladder that is secured in place, if you must measure from the roof take extreme caution and use the necessary safety persuasions (ie. a roof safety harness).

Installation Information

Please refer to our Simple Installation section below, if you require further assistance please email or call us at anytime 1300 220 869

Simple Installation

1 .Clean out your gutters

First clean out your gutters and downpipes to ensure any leaves and debris are removed. Be sure to flush your gutters out using your garden hose with water to make sure the gutters are flowing properly before installing the mesh.

2. Roll out the mesh

Roll out the mesh along the full-length of each gutter.

3. Attach the mesh to the gutter with the trims.

Attach the mesh to the edge of the gutter using the provided trim and the Colorbond™ hex head screws.

4.A. Tiled roof: cut & tuck the mesh

Make approximately three cuts per each tile width to allow mesh to mould to the roof shape, then tuck the mesh under the second row of tiles.

B. Metal roof: attach the saddles

Fasten the mesh to the roof by screwing in the saddles/clips to every second flute/corrugation

5.Finished product

Job complete! In just 5-easy steps.

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